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Welcome to Fit4U Training

we offer Fitness training & nutrition coaching on-line

Our personal trainers at Fit4U take your fitness, nutrition, athletic & anti-aging goals seriously -- this is why we added our UNIQUE program with more personal training online from the comfort of your home, or ANYWHERE!

 Nancy Anderberg, our founder, built the foundation of our training around CUSTOM total wellness with a holistic approach.  

We understand that losing weight and gaining muscle and strength can be challenging, but also exciting!  

Our goal is to educate and support you to overcome the many hurdles that could hinder you from reaching your goals. 

Together, with "U", we analyze your body type, BMI, metabolism, strengths, lifestyle and even mindset, to design your custom fitness plan.

We work directly with our medical team and may advise blood & epigenetics testing to optimize your health and performance. 

The Fit4U Training style was built around 4 pillars that have helped produce 1,000's of happy clients around the globe.





We always have to add our "secret sauce", which is FUN, laughter.....and a kind culture! 


Fit4U training program is designed to give you a positive experience within your mind, BODY and spirit. One-on-one training provides the absolute best  results. Together we work on functional fitness, movement, posture, nutrition, mindset and overall happiness. You can expect flexibility and balance, 

core conditioning, cardio, resistance training, nutritional guidance and a new ENERGY from head to toe as we design your healthy body and lifestyle.

WELCOME TO YOUR BEST "U" !  Whether you want to work out on-line, at a gym, your home gym, your office or an outdoor location, our certified trainers will be able to accommodate you.  Each training session is private, professional and safe. We place a special emphasis on stretching and flexibility that will empower you to live a great life at any age. The object is to create a new you in an environment that sets you up for success. You will be able to achieve your goals and push yourself to new limits -  and we will be there to support you as we celebrate your accomplishments each week!   

To your BEST "U"~  

Nancy Anderberg and TeamFit4U

We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Personal Training Online Nancy Anderberg

Nancy anderberg,, c.p.t.

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on a personal note:

Welcome to Fit4U Training - My name is "Coach Nanc" 

I have been blessed to be a multi-certified fitness & anti-aging expert for over 25 years. I have coached, trained and mentored thousands of people around the world, both on-line and off-line, and from all walks of life; athletes, business executives, seniors, teens, stay-at-home moms, fitness competitors, dancers, entrepreneurs, people in recovery and rehab, and even faith organizations... to name a few.  Through my 30 years of experience developing my wellness programs, I have helped others achieve personal, physical, spiritual and professional success around their busy lives. Coined as a passionate encourager, I truly believe it is my life mission and purpose to embody whole-hearted wellness and share it with YOU .  Now that I am "in my 50's", I can honestly say,  training and coaching from a global platform has been the most rewarding experience of my life; second only to raising my 4 FANTASTIC children, Jaynee, Jack, Jace and Kylee (as a single mom for the past decade)!  I look forward to speaking with you personally, and connecting on one of our platforms.

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Personal Training and Group Class Offerings


Nancy Anderberg at 51 years old she went from fluffy to fit!

on a personal note:

Welcome to Fit4U Fitness Training 

We look forward to speaking with you in person or through one of our personal training platforms and social media groups. 

Our certified trainers are personally selected and trained. Whether they are working with a celebrity, business executive or housewife, they always strive for optimum results. Each trainer has spent a considerable amount of time working with my specific exercise and culture creating techniques and they also learned how to direct you to receive nutrition guidance to ensure a successful program.

Each staff member is keenly aware that they are to become an important part of your everyday routine. You can count on our trainers to be passionate, creative and punctual. We know this is NOT a one size fits all business, thus you can expect the best individualized training experience available anywhere. You will always be treated with the utmost respect and confidentiality.

Most importantly, our attention to detail does not end after your session. We are available for your questions or to render advice. 

Simply put, our personal trainers are the best in the business.

Celebrating U ~

Nancy Anderberg, Founder & CEO

Nancy's secret ingredient to her coaching success is laughter - never take yourself too seriously!

nancy anderberg's credentials:

Fitness & Nutrition Trainer and Anti-Aging Specialist:
30 Years Experience in the Nutrition & Fitness Industry with a
B.Sc. in Education & Coaching from USD,
Dr. of Naturopathy Candidate, Certified Anti-Aging Expert, Fitness Competitor and Coach, Podcaster,

Entrepreneur, Speaker, Author, Social Media Pro, Sales Trainer, Leadership Coach, Online Marketer, 

Retreat Host & Single Mom of 4.

CEO and  Founder of Nancy Anderberg Brands including

R.A.W. Leadership - Real.Authentic.Women,
Fit4RAW, Fit4UTraining, (pronounced ROCK)

 Connecting and Celebrating Woman in Business, and RAWC Fashion - "The Social Scene for Shopping" and lastly,

Prevention.Live offering integrative medicine education 

and anti-aging therapies.

Certified Life Coach

Certified HIPPA

Certified Personal Fitness Trainer (ACE)
Certified Group Fitness Instructor (ACE)
Certified Pilates Instructor (AFAA)
Certified Sports Nutrition
Certified Weight Management
Certified Anti-Aging Specialist
Certified Practical Yoga for Personal Trainers
Certified Post-Rehab Specialist
Certified Pre- & Post-Natal Instructor

Certified Zumba Instructor

Certified Silver Sneakers Instructor

North American Natural Bodybuilding Federation Member (NANBF)

Certified CPR/First Aid/AED

Former Mrs. MN Fitness

Former Mrs. American Fitness National Bronze Medalist

NANBF Clash of the Titans Bikini 1st place age 50+ 

NANBF Bikini age 40+ Top 5 Finisher 2017

Mrs./Ms./Miss/Teen Pageant Judge International System

Former Fitness Instructor – Northwest Athletic Clubs, Lifetime Fitness, Dakotah Fitness & YMCA

Former Owner of Two Women's Fitness Franchises

Former USA Elite Gymnastics Coach

Former Gymnastics Club Owner with Over 300 Students & 3 Competitive Teams & Coach of the year

Private Gymnastics Coach & Trainer for Competitive Dancers

Gymnastics Routine Choreographer

Former USA Judge

Former MN High School Gymnastics Judge

International Speaker/Presenter, Teacher & Trainer In Nutrition, Preventative Health & Fitness
IDEA Member

Blogger at

Founder, President, and Product Creator at Dr. Organics, LLC

Wealth Building Coach

Single Mom of 4 Amazing Children and Mentor to Many


Business Startup & Development

Brand Development

Strategic Business Planning

Sales Strategy Development

Business Coaching

Marketing & Sales

Sales Team Training & Development

Product Creation, Formulation & Design

Professional Trainer, Educator & Speaker


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